A1c Test

Diagnose and monitor feline and canine diabetes using our patent pending glycohemoglobin (A1c) dried blood spot test.  All we need is 2 drops of blood on our Test Request Form (TRF).  It is that simple for your veterinary practice!


At least 6x more historical average glucose levels as compare to Fructosamine.


See who recommends us!

 (A. Pettersson, DVM) I am in Sweden and an reliable A1c for cats would be welcome. We use the fructosamin as the long term parameter (2-3 weeks) twice a year. This is done at the large animal hospital in Gothenburg. It is good that you want to mainstrem it.


.....I see a lot of cats with asymptomatic hypoglycemia, so even cats that appear to be well-controlled should be seen every three months for a glucose curve. In some cats, we can’t interpret in-hospital curves because every time the cats come in, they flip out and you
know you won’t generate good information.

How it works

Testing as Easy as 1 – 2 –  3
1. Fill out the Test Request Form 
2. Place dried blood sample in prepaid envelope.
3. Receive accurate, timely results you can trust.


Our kit includes:
• Test Request Form
• Prepaid return envelope
• lab processing
• results within 14 days


Results show the average glucose level for the last 70 days for FELINES and 120 days for CANINES.


Our TRF and Tests are manufactured and supplied by a FDA certified and cGMP facility.


Pearson, director of claims at pet insurance company Animal Friends, said: 'We conducted a five-year study of pet obesity, and found that there's been an 850 per cent increase in cases of canine diabetes since 2011.


Approximately 50% of cats and dogs are obese and potenially pre-diabetic.


During a recent four-year study, Banfield hospitals have seen a 32 percent jump in cases of canine diabetes and a 16 percent increase in feline diabetes.


States with higher than normal cat and dog diabetes are  Nevada,  Montana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, New Mexico, DC and Arkansas.

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